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Working collectively, we overcome isolation and support healing in ourselves and others.

Current and Upcoming Therapy Groups

Process Group for Exploring Gender Identity
Virtual Telehealth Support Group (on HIPAA-compliant software)

Facilitated by Reese Hebrank, MSW, LCSW-C

Every Wednesday January 10 – February 28, 2023
6-7:30 PM
$80 per session
Contact for consultation or questions

The journey of gender exploration can sometimes feel very solitary, especially for those who don’t already have a supportive and informed community around them. This group, led by a trans therapist, welcomes you into a safe space with like-minded people where you’ll share your thoughts and experiences and develop tools to help you along your path.

This will be a co-creative space, one we will enter together in a spirit of collaboration to establish group guidelines and norms. We’ll also agree on our discussion topics based on the needs and expectations of the group. Those looking for more support are welcome to join the new cohort that will start in the summer.

This group is inclusive of all stages of gender exploration, sexual orientations, and neurotypes, and is held in a secure virtual space. Sliding scale is available; please contact us to discuss it. Pre-group consultation is required to join and we recommend scheduling it as early as possible.


Current and Upcoming Coaching Groups

Mono/CNM Mixed Relationship Support Group
Virtual Coaching Support Group

Facilitated by Dr. Elizabeth “Eli” Sheff, Ph.D.

Biweekly, alternate Mondays September 18 – December 11, 2023
7-8:30 PM
$40 per session individual, $60 per session shared
Contact for questions

What do you do when your partner wants consensual non-monogamy (CNM) and you don’t? Or what if you are deeply in love with your partner and want to stay together – and you also want to be with other people? The explosion of interest in polyamory, swinging, open relationships, and other forms of consensual or ethical nonmonogamy over the last 15 years has created a wave of people facing the CNM/mono mismatch where one partner wants monogamy and the other wants CNM. Some couples have been together for years and one has been suppressing the desire for multiple partners, and other relationships have formed more recently and are trying to decide how/if they should move forward. Either way, people who are navigating the CNM/mono mismatch often face similar issues, share common experiences, and benefit from each other’s advice and companionship.

This group is for anyone with relationship issues related to a mismatch in the desire for CNM and their partners. We offer judgement-free support for wherever people fall in the wide spectrum of singular/plural relating.

This group is inclusive of all stages of gender exploration, sexual orientations, and neurotypes, and meets virtually every other week. Sliding scale is available; please contact us to discuss it. 

About your facilitator
Dr. Elisabeth “Eli” Sheff has researched polyamorous families with children for over 25 years. She is the author of four books, 30+ peer-reviewed publications, and 130+ blogs on Psychology Today, with 10+ years’ experience coaching people facing challenges with CNM and BDSM. Dr. Eli specializes in the mono/CNM mismatch because she intellectualized her fear, and has been the mono partner in two CNM/mono marriages. Her super-power is combining research findings and trends gleaned from her coaching practice with personal insights to understand if, when, and how mono/CNM relationships can work or not.

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