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BM in Music Education from Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford
BM in Music Theatre from Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford
Master of Theology in Sacred Music from The New Seminary, NYC/MD

Urban Tantra™ Professional Training Program Certification
Archdiocese of New York Religious Education Coordinator Certificate Program
One Spirit Interfaith Seminary Interfaith Minister Ordination Program
Usui Reiki Certificate
Twin Flame Reiki Certificate

Other Education:
One Spirit Interfaith Seminary- Spiritual Counseling Program
The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute- Sex and Couples Program

I believe that my role in this lifetime is to partner with people to help them explore their inner and outer life, transform their pain, and discover who they have the chance to become when they experience support, guidance, and nurturing. Being an embodiment and breathwork coach focusing on sexual and relational wellness allows me to use a wide range of tools and techniques, finding the right ones to meet my client where they are and help them get where they want to go.

Embodiment and breathwork coaching is what it sounds like—I help you to live more fully and presently in your body, to access its wisdom, decipher its messages, and bring you into better relationship with it. I do this by using both guided and mindfulness meditation, sharing transformative breathing exercises, identifying blockages and obstacles to a fulfilling and purposeful life, providing intuitive art and music/sound exercises, and many other techniques. We’ll work together on a self-care tool kit using these techniques and more, one that you can use with me or on your own. If you need it, I’ll provide sex education and somatic exercises to help you fully inhabit your sexual and sensory self.  I work with clients until we’ve fulfilled the intentions we’ve set both at the start of our time and ongoing throughout our sessions. This can take just a couple months or it can be open-ended, which is something we’ll decide and revisit together.

In the course of my career, I attained ordination as an Interfaith Minister through a seminary program and received extensive education in spiritual counseling techniques. If you’re not religious or spiritual, don’t worry—my approach is soulful but not spiritual in nature unless I’m working with a client who seeks out support around their faith and beliefs, or around developing a spiritual practice. If, however, you do want to include your spirituality or any modes of energy work into your coaching program, I’m an Usui Reiki Master, I’m trained in Western NeoTantric Arts, and I incorporate breathwork and meditation into my coaching. I can also use ritual work upon request. In my many years as a voice teacher and ceremonial singer, I’ve learned how using our breath and our voices can positively affect us in body and spirit, and I can give you techniques to show you how.

My work has included single people, couples, and moresomes from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. I’ve worked with people who have body image issues, neurodiversities, different abilities, and/or who are trauma survivors. I’ve worked with people who are divorcing or marrying, or going through other major life transitions. I’ve worked with kinky people, polyamorous people, and LGBTQIA/queer and trans folks, among others. I am continually learning about the experiences and common concerns of different populations, particularly ones I’m not part of, so that my coaching practice can be an inclusive, educated, safe, and welcoming space no matter who you are.

The coaching work that I do is a great way to support your therapeutic process, by bringing in a more hands-on, goal-oriented way to put your insights from therapy into new practices and habits. It can also help you engage your body in moving through them. However, many people benefit from coaching on its own, and I offer that option as well.

You might benefit from working with me if you:

  • Want to learn about techniques, activities, or practices that can improve your sexual wellness and help promote meaningful connection with others, including Western NeoTantric techniques
  • Need to repair or renew relationship connections
  • Are trying to discover or re-discover pleasure
  • Want to learn to level up your excellence in life
  • Want to celebrate your achievements with a cheerleader
  • Are looking for another way to reframe and move through trauma
  • Have body or confidence issues you’d like to work on
  • Are in transition (physically, sexually, or otherwise)
  • Need help becoming ready for relationships
  • Want to learn more about BDSM, the kink community, and its etiquette, culture and myths
  • Need additional tools to help manage out-of-control behaviors
  • Want to explore your spirituality and/or develop ceremonies, rituals, and practices that are meaningful to your sense of health and wellbeing
  • Need to work on religious injury including sexuality issues stemming from religious culture

If in reading this, you felt a rush of emotion or something inside you nudged you with a “yes”, you’re probably ready to create some change in your life. Reach out to me and let’s find out if I’m the right person to help you make that happen.

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