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“Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge.” Alice Walker

Logo with wave design says "The Pincus Center Inclusive Treatment and Education"

Introducing: The Pincus Center

You could say that we have a passion for self-discovery here in our practice; it’s a marvelous thing every time we’re able to see a client understand themselves better and step more fully into the person they were meant to be. There’s nothing quite like the joy in someone’s eyes when they find what they need to feel at home in themselves.

Now, it’s our turn to experience that joy of self-discovery and growth.

We’ve been growing and changing as a practice internally for a while now, and it was finally time that we took the steps to make our outside better match who we’ve become inside. We’ve been looking forward to sharing these changes with all of you and the world!

Exterior of The Pincus Center office at 2873 Duke Street, Alexandria VAOur biggest news is that we’re taking on a new name and expanded identity. From now on, we’ll be known as The Pincus Center – Inclusive Treatment and Education. We wanted to keep Tamara’s name because, well, by now a lot of people know it; but we also wanted the business name to reflect the fact that this practice thrives due to an amazing core group of staff working together.

The new name also embraces the changes to what we do. Of course, therapy will always be at the heart of our work—that’s not going to change. However, we’re expanding to offer coaching services as well as workshops and classes, support groups, events, and hopefully more publications that will help you have a better and more fulfilled life regardless of whether you need therapy right now.

The second big announcement that we’re so thrilled to share is that our second office is finally open! We now have space at 2873 Duke Street in Alexandria, VA, which also offers enough room for us to do some in-person events. The new space turned out beautifully, and we’re slowly adding the finishing touches to make it feel like our new professional home. We hope it will feel warm and welcoming from the moment you step in the door.

Waiting area of The Pincus Center at 2873 Duke Street, Alexandria VA, with rainbow rug and welcome mat, sequin pillows on a black leather couch, and a rainbow bead curtain leading to the kitchen.

Come on in– our new office is full of color, light, and welcoming energy!

We’ve been growing our staff and will continue to, from new therapists and coaches to a dedicated content writer and event planner. It’s important to us to try to keep up with the many people seeking services who would find us to be a great fit for them.

It’s our pleasure to introduce our two newest associates, Reese Hebrank and Rev. Jenellen Fischer. Reese is a Maryland based therapist who is well-versed in trauma care and LGBTQIA concerns. Jenellen is an embodiment and breathwork coach who focuses on sexual and relational wellness. Both of them bring experience and expertise that will enrich the many ways we’re able to help our clients thrive and grow.

You can also expect to see more resources from us over the coming months, in the form of blog posts, tips and guides on social media, free downloads, email series, and e-books or print books. Who knows, maybe we’ll even go wild and create some videos, like the kids are doing these days.

What will stay the same is our commitment to diversity and inclusion in everything we offer, to helping people who are struggling with queerness, polyamory, kink, asexuality, health at every size (HAES) or other areas of life that not every therapist, coach, or educator understands. We’re still committed to helping you find fulfillment in life on your own or in your relationship(s) with your partner(s), understand and embrace your sexuality, and reach a level of healthy sexual expression that’s right for you.

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