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“Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge.” Alice Walker

10 Radical Ways to Be a True Fat Ally

estimated reading time ~5 minutes Real talk: Our deeply fat-hating, fatphobic culture isn’t going to heal itself. And as valuable as the tireless work of fat activists is, it’s also not enough to create the inclusive, body-affirming world we dream of. We need straight-sized allies to actively work with us…

An Open Letter to Darren Aronofsky About “The Whale”

Some time ago, we began to see posts going around on social media about your new film, The Whale, starring Brendan Fraser in what’s being hailed as his “comeback role” as Charlie, a 600 lb. recluse and food addict. Immediately, our hearts sank. We didn’t need more than the title…

You Don’t Owe Anyone an Orgasm (Even Yourself)

9 minute reading time Let’s be clear on one thing: Orgasms are great! This is in no way an anti-climax (ha see what I did there) post. But I AM going to offer the hot take that orgasms are not a requirement for great sex, and they’re not a measure…

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