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Our work is inclusive, sex positive, body positive, and centered in joy and pleasure.


Welcome to The Pincus Center for Inclusive Treatment and Education

When you walk through our doors, you’ll quickly discover that the things that always made you feel “different” are not only understood here, but celebrated. You won’t have to explain to us what polyamory is, or worry about whether we’ll see your kinky nature as healthy and normal (we will!) You’ll know you’re in the right place just by looking around—our spaces are full of rainbow colors, whimsical decorations, soft throw pillows and plushies, and nerdy books.

The Pincus Center started life as Tamara Pincus and Associates, a private therapy practice in Washington, DC that specialized in sex therapy and relationship counseling. In autumn of 2021, we re-branded as The Pincus Center for Inclusive Treatment and Education to better describe our growth and evolution and to show that our staff is a close-knit team. We expanded into offering coaching services as well as support groups, one-off workshops, multi-session sex and relationship classes, and accessible web resources including our blog, mailing list, and downloadable PDFs on a growing number of topics.

Our therapy services are still a major focus, and we are able to work with clients in DC, Maryland, and Virginia including via telehealth appointments. We offer general individual therapy as well as couples/moresomes therapy and sex therapy. We are experienced in working with clients who are:


  • In polyamorous/ethically non-monogamous relationships, including swingers and mixed mono-poly couples;
  • Queer or part of the LGBTQIA+ communities
  • Interested in or involved in BDSM, kink, or fetish activities;
  • Transgender, non-binary, or exploring some aspect of their gender;
  • People of size or people who struggle with body image issues;
  • Diagnosed with ADHD, autism, or other neurodiversity and seeking help with life stresses or relationship issues
  • Involved in sacred sexuality practices or so-called “alternative” spiritualities

Our Values

Everyone at The Pincus Center shares our vision for the wellbeing and fulfillment of all people, that informs our approach to our work and the services we offer. This vision is grounded in the values we embrace, which include:


  • The belief that every human being has worth and dignity, and should not be valued based on the labor or profits they can produce.
  • The belief that love is love, and that all people are entitled to express love and to seek partners (or not to seek them) in any consensual way and number that they wish.
  • The belief that all bodies are good bodies, regardless of size, shape, gender, ability, and health status—and that it’s okay to aim to just make peace with your body if you can’t love it.
  • The belief that pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure, is our birthright and that everyone deserves sex-positive, shame-free education about anatomy and pleasure.
  • The belief that asexuality and celibacy are normal, healthy ways to be in the world and that sex positivity must include the choice not to engage in sexual expression at all.
  • The belief that every individual has the right to discover their own path through life, one that brings them fulfillment and peace, regardless of how “normal” their choices may be.
  • The belief that it is all of our responsibility to dismantle systems of oppression and privilege, educate ourselves on the history of racial injustice in our culture, and actively challenge racism when we encounter it—it is not work that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color should have to shoulder alone.
  • The knowledge that gender is a social construct and not a biological fact, that genitals do not equal gender, that sharing pronouns should be normalized, and that transgender, agender, and nonbinary people deserve all the rights, protections, and comfort that cisgender people enjoy.

It’s never too late to seek help discovering and living your authentic self and working to resolve the things that have kept you from your most fulfilling life. If we sound like a good fit for you, take a look at our Services page to explore the many ways we can help you.


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